Just Water, no Shampoo, is it Efficient?

Many people struggle to keep their hair clean, especially if they have an oily skin and they have to wash it every day. In addition to this, many shampoos have harsh chemicals that can damage your scalp and make the things worse. A not while ago, a new trend appeared among women, beauty gurus, and YouTubers, washing a hair only with water. It promises to keep your hair clean for a week and without the use of shampoo. But, is this effective and how can you start?

The initial steps

When you decide to use a no poo method, you need to be prepared for several things. In the first two weeks, your hair will look like a wreck, lifeless and like a bird’s nest, but the longer you use this method, the better the results will be. Instead of shampoo, you just use water to remove the dirt from your hair and natural oils that your scalp is producing as a conditioner. This will keep your hair hydrated, without the need to use other products. The great thing about this method is that you are using only natural products that can’t make you any damage. Your goal should be clean hair for at least five days.

You can add bicarbonate soda

Many women use bicarbonate soda instead of shampoo to wash their hair. But experts advise avoiding this technique because it can significantly damage your scalp and disturb the Ph levels. On the other hand, if you read online reviews, you can see a large number of satisfied women who managed to solve the problem of greasy hair. You can always try, and if this method is too aggressive for you, then you can stick to water only.

Accessorize you will need

When you start this process, it is critical to have a wide brush and to brush your hair before ever wash. In this way, you will distribute natural oils, and you will be able to clean your hair much quickly. Warm water is a necessity, but after you finish the cleaning, rinse your hair with cold water. If you want additional hydration, then apply a coconut oil of wet hair.

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Sergej Ponikarov