Just Water, No Shampoo – Does This Work?

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Many people struggle to keep their hair clean, especially if they have oilier skin. They have to wash it every day. Unfortunately, many shampoos contain aggresive chemicals that can damage your scalp and make things worse. A while ago, a new trend appeared among women, beauty gurus, and YouTubers – washing one’s hair with water only. Advocates of this new trend promise that this method will keep your hair clean for at least a week. But does this really work?

The Initial Steps

When you decide to try out the no-shampoo method, you need to be prepared for several things. During the first two weeks, your hair will look like a mess, dirty and oily just like a bird’s nest. The good news is that the longer you apply this method, the better your hair is going to get.

No-Shampoo How To

When you start your no-shampoo experiment, it is important to brush your hair every time before washing it with a wide brush. The reason for that is that you want to evenly distribute dirt and skin oils, so you will be able to clean the hair much faster.

For the cleaning itself, it’s necessary to use warm water. Simply use it to remove dirt and natural oils that your scalp is producing as a conditioner (this might feel weird in the beginning, especially because there is no foam to work with). This will make your hair stay hydrated, without the need to use any products. What’s great about the no-shampoo experiment is that, compared to other methods, you don’t get in touch with any unnatural substances that could damage your hair, nails or skin. Once you’re done, rinse your hair with cold water.

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Adding Bicarbonate Soda?

Despite all warnings, many women use bicarbonate soda instead of shampoo to wash their hair. Please be aware that experts strongly advise to avoid this technique, because it can significantly damage your scalp and disturb your skin’s pH-levels. On the other hand, if you read online reviews, you can see a large number of satisfied women who managed to solve their greasy-hair problem this way. Of course you always have the possibility to try it out and if this method does in fact damage your skin, you can still switch to water only.

Accessories To Use

If you want additional hydration for your hair, apply coconut oil while your hair is still wet.

Rona demonstrates her ‘No Shampoo Water Only Hair Routine’ in the following YouTube video, which provides lots of helpful tips:

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